This is a Runescape related clan. We are an all around clan, but we generalize in skilling.
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 My hard and long Goals

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Q Bass

Q Bass

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PostSubject: My hard and long Goals   Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:28 pm

My first goal which I am working on right now is to get 270 quest points and complete WGS.. I really have a hard time making money.. Camping at abby demons for 3 days to get one whip worth 3.5m is hard to make bank to get 99 herb and 99 prayer so I decided to camp at tds to get 1 claw in 3 days worth 10 whips Laughing

Next goal i have is to get 99 prayer

#3 99 herblore

#4 qp cape

#5 all skills 70+

I will post more ideas as my insanium dome piece types them out.
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My hard and long Goals
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