This is a Runescape related clan. We are an all around clan, but we generalize in skilling.
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 Joey's Bank!

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Joey xxdbhxx
Joey xxdbhxx

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PostSubject: Joey's Bank!   Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:20 pm

Updated Last: 9 - 29 - 10

Alright... My miscellaneous tab, my shiny gold is the only thing valuable, in my bank
and in this tab... as of now. But we'll see how high I can get my gold without buying
anything. Anyways lets see the rest...
This is my Tool Tab, all my tools are in this tab, its just an easy way to lay out most
of the random items in my bank in one tab. But yeah, when I recently sold bank, I didn't
even touch this as its fairly organized.

This one here, is my seed tab, just in case you couldn't figure it out. Its a nice collection
of basically every seed. I have at least one of every seed. Remember I sold my bank, so I
don't have anything really. Rolling Eyes This is just for fun.
This be my summoning/rune tab... It also has my house tabs in there, which is how I
get around, and some random P essence which I sold shortly after taking these pictures.
This tab once held my shiny fury, which I sold for like 16.4m! Haha, I think thats one thing
I shouldn't have gotten rid of whenever I sold bank. Anyways, this is my jewelry tab. BITCH.
Okay, weapon tab, not much to say here, I sold everything, crossbows, bolts, arrows
any melee weapon, I only kept things that either wouldn't sell (bronze darts) and
anything that seemed helpful or useless to sell.
Alright, armor tab, same thing applies for this tab as does the weapon one.
I didn't sell anything that either seemed helpful, or that I didn't think needed sold.
Enjoy. Ha!
This was known as my Food/Clue Reward/Anything tab, until I sold everything
in it. I had so many things in this tab it was insane, any drops I would get from
Slayer or any clue rewards would go in here, anything I picked up. It was like my
misc tab, but it wasn't. Anyways the only things I kept were my firelighters, and my
food. Plus those bones but those are for some quest.

Anyways, I hope you liked what little I have left. Laughing I do believe I will be gearing
up the in the next week though, and I'll eventually keep this updated with new pictures
and whatnot. So be easy, and leave your highly thoughtout comments Smile

Have a good day!

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Joey's Bank!
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